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D.UP ORISHIKI Eyelid Skin Film
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Apply and let dry. That’s all you need to do with this product for creating natural double eyelids.

ORISHIKI liquid transforms to synthetic skin film when dried. Completely invisible and no special technique required for application. Incredibly easy to use and feels very natural.

How To Use:
Apply Makeup
Apply makeup before using ORISHIKI.* Please do not use oily products.

Decide Double Eyelid Line
Use special stick included to determine your ideal double eyelid line.

Keep This Posture
Look down into the mirror so your eyelid has no crease before applying this product. Keep this posture until the liquid is completely dry.

Apply ORISHIKI liquid thoroughly from your lash line up to ideal double eyelid line.
* Avoid getting into eyes.

Let Dry Completely
Close your eyes and wait approximately 30 seconds until the liquid is completely dry. Then slowly open your eyes.

Natural Double Eyelids
ORISHIKI liquid transforms into invisible synthetic skin film once dry. It folds into the eyelids when opening eyes.
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