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Xiaomi Mi Piston Huosai Earphone
Rp 66.000Rp 80.000
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Hitam, Silver, Rose Gold
Award winning earphone from xiaomi. Mi Piston use dual dumping system to give you purer audio experience. Fully compatible with all Mi phones and other smartphone.
Compatible with most Android phones

Special additional cord inserted into the microphone to reduce interference between the headphones and microphone and provide more stable calls. Fully compatible with all Mi phones. Also support the iPhone, iPod Classic and other iOS devices.

This earphone have microphone so you can make a call from this earphone.
Fully gold plated

A work of art to admire, note just listen to!

Package Content

1x Xiaomi Mi Piston Huosai Earphone (OEM)
6x Replacement Earbuds
Kategori HP, Komp & Aks
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Berat 200 gram
Stok 10
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